Inside the box...

What's in the box?: Yellow page:
A contents list for the box.

A month to a page A3 calendar with a different question for each day,
based on Maths topics relevant to the current academic year.

Literacy: Pink page:
An activity using the mathematical vocabulary
associated with the month’s topic(s). Glossary included.
Why include a literacy task in a Maths box? With the increased focus on problem solving questions in  Maths, good literacy skills are important.

Hands on help:
Each box comes with at least one Maths manipulative and/or a mathematical game that will support learning.

Collect them throughout the year to be used as a reference,
they include all the important stuff!

Activity Packs: Blue pages:
Notes and guidance for each of the activities included in the box,
Let's talk Maths - questions to encourage mathematical thinking and reasoning, the resources and worksheets needed for each activity.
Activities are designed for teaching for mastery:
opportunities for concrete, pictorial and abstract approaches.

Problem-Solving and Reasoning Task: Green pages:
The let’s talk Maths encourages children to reason,
justify and explain their thinking – demonstrating understanding.
The problem-solving and reasoning tasks are often open-ended, with more than one right answer. They are the heart of mastering Maths, giving your child the opportunity to experiment, explore, inquire and investigate whilst consolidating their understanding. 

A little item, from me, as a reward for continued efforts.

Ok, so I don't actually come in the box, but, please don't hesitate to get in touch if you require any assistance with your box.
All contact information will be supplied in your welcome letter.

Online support:
In your welcome letter you will get details of 
how you can join our closed Facebook group:
connect with other subscribers, get hints and tips
to ensure you get the most from your box,
check the answers and download additional resources
that complement your box contents.

Join me live - online Q&A: ask me anything! 
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Packaged in a postage box, sealed
with a 1 to 1 Maths Boxed seal.
Please let me know if you would like it  addressed to your child/ a gift recipient.

Presented in tissue paper,
sealed with a 1 to 1 Maths Boxed seal. 
Scattered with kindness confetti.

** Images are for illustrative purposes only.
They do not show exact contents of any one box **

Please note:
Maths manipulatives/games are subject to availability,
colours and styles may vary.
If unavailable an item of equal or greater value will be included.

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